• We are so excited to share this great deal with you today! These educational blocks are now on sale on Amazon.com, no coupon code needed to get this great deal.

Suncatchers Magnetic Tiles set contains 6 equilateral triangles, 4 right triangles, 4 isosceles triangles, 8 open-center squares, 5 squares, and 1 wheeled base in a variety of colors that almost glow when held up to the light. Even toddlers can easily build many shapes including houses and trains… let your imagination run free!

Suncatchers Magnetic Tiles are designed to meet or exceed the United States and state toy safety regulations. Metal rivets provide an extra layer of safety for the blocks to prevent loose magnets or breakage. This toy can be used both indoors and outdoors. Take these toys everywhere! Carpet, hardwood, running errands, at the playground, even poolside (just don’t immerse them)! Recessed sides help to prevent scratching, so the blocks can remain attractive for years to come. They are easy to wipe clean, and fun to use on light tables, refrigerators, and shopping carts.

Suncatchers Magnetic Tiles are large enough to be easily picked up when playtime is done without having to worry about stray pieces remaining underfoot. Each tile is lightweight and easily connects in various ways to maximize construction time while minimizing frustration. Other learning toys have small pieces that are easily broken or lost which quickly makes them impossible to use. Don’t worry about that with this versatile Science and Art (STEM) toy- all blocks in every set are compatible so you will still be able to play even if pieces are misplaced. You can join multiple sets together to build even more inventive 3D creations. Our 3×3 Guarantee includes full manufacturer refund within 90 days of purchase and 3-year free replacement warranty. If you experience any issues with this product, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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