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Meet the Mentors- LIVE Call!

Amazing Selling Machine is running a live session today with Mike, Rich and a few of the ASM Mentors.

If you want to see what it’s like to be an ASM member before actually buying the course, this will be your chance to do just that.

Plus you will have a chance to ask mentors the questions that you’d normally ask if you were a member as well.

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Curiosity: The Fuel of Creativity

Horror-filled tales are told of the “terrible threes” in which many a toddler has driven parents nearly insane with their constant questioning, “Why? Why? Why?” However, this fragile curiosity could be the pathway to a lifelong sense of wonder and openness to new experiences.  Many theories exist about how children learn and develop greater understanding of the world around them. Educational mass marketing is increasingly directed towards parents eager to nurture every last bit of potential talent. Others fall strongly into the “talent is overrated” camp, believing that creativity is learned rather than being an aspect of personality or intelligence.

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The Paradox of Play

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With all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the simple joys of childhood become even more important. Hearing the words, “Go outside and play,” was a common theme of my growing years. This was a valuable time to relax and enjoy ourselves without the pressure of performing for an audience. We could be wild pirates conquering new worlds, or simply lay on a sunny rock marveling at the many legs of a centipede while listening to the piercing cries of the birds.

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